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BEST SELLING $45 Extra Large Goodie Bags are available!!

Nail Techs EVERYWHERE are using these goodie bags to stock up on nail supplies, don’t miss out!!! Get over $75 worth of Nail Products for $45 !!!

Goodie Bags include:

 A RANDOM assortment of colored acrylic, crystals, nail art, nail tech tools, 10+ NAIL TECH GOODIES at one Low Price!!!



Mystery Goodie Bags include RANDOM (colored acrylic, nail art, and nail tech tools) Of all sizes.

Acrylic Colors May glow, shimmer, or change colors.

Nail Art May include glitter, fruit pieces, dried flowers, foil, crystals, water decals, chrome, and more!

Nail Tech Tools May include mani Implements, fur background, storage containers, arm rests, brushes, pallets, masks and much more!

XL Goodie Bags also include larger items such as Acrylic Brushes, Dappen Dishes, Work station towels, gloves, lint free wipes, Tech Containers, Cuticle Balm, Drill Bits, Mini Lamps, Foil Gel, Pedicure Implements, Top Coats and MORE- You May Get Lucky Enough to Find a GIFTCARD or a BOTTLE OF W!NE !!!



*** Extra Large Goodie Bags Include:

• 4 OR MORE Colored Acrylic

• Glow Acrylic Powder

• + Nail Art Types

• + Nail Tech Tools

• A Special Gift (could be ANYTHING!)

  • (Goodie Bags are chosen at random and NO TWO GOODIE BAGS ARE THE SAME!!😍)