PRO Acrylic Brush 14/16/18

Sea Tonez

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 AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST: MS PRO Brushes are available until Sold Out. If Brush Option says SOLD OUT, it will not be restocked. 

Size #14 Standard
: Perfect for all experience levels. Ideal for Student/Beginner/Licensed/Educator 

Size #16 Pro : Perfect for Techs who specialize in or are learning 2-bead Acrylic methods. Ideal for transitioning to quicker Set speeds. (Student/Licensed/Educator)

 Size #18 Master : Designed for Master Techs and Seasoned techs who specialize in Acrylic Application and are familiar with 1-bead Acrylic methods and use a faster technique. Ideal for full-time Manicurists & Educators.

Select CUSTOM Brush to receive a unique Brush, personally customized by Mikkie herself!

 Best-Selling quality, 100% Kolinsky, Acrylic Brushes

Techs will have the option of customizing their NEW Brush with 3D Acrylic Artwork by Mikkie herself. No designs will be duplicated, making each brush completely unique and collectible.


Please note that these are PROFESSIONAL brushes and are recommended for use by Licensed, Properly Certified or Student Nail Technicians. Each Brush is individually pinched and inspected by a licensed CA Board Manicurist to ensure quality and effortless workability for the Nail Tech Customer. Each Brush will be ready for use upon delivery but it is safe to be pinched more to your personal liking (by a professional), and is recommended to be cleaned before, during and after each use.


Brush Care:

  1. Fully submerge the bristles of your brush and swirl them in a circular motion in a nail Tech safe container of pure Acetone for 15 seconds
  2. Wipe against a clean napkin or towel to dry the Acetone from your brush
  3. Use your fingers or a nail tool to loosen up product residue from bristles
  4. Fully submerge bristles in fresh Acrylic Monomer and soak for 15 min (for more serious build-up, soak in pure Acetone) IMPORTANT: Do Not Allow the bristles of your brush to touch the bottom or sides of the container DURING the soaking process. Doing so will result in bent bristles that will not allow optimum performance during brush usage. To avoid bent bristles while soaking, purchase a KB Brush Cup ( available on our website.
  5. Remove brush from solution and repeat steps 2 and 3. Soak brush bristles again as many times as needed until they are free of product.
  6. After Brush is completely clean, repeat steps 1 and 2. (OPTIONAL: Condition Your bristles by saturating them in your favorite Melanin CAUSEmetics All Natural Body Butter/Soap and using your fingers to gently and uniformly gather your bristles. Store as usual and Complete steps 1 and 2 BEFORE the next brush use.)
  7. STORE brushes Handle-Down in an open jar/cup OR Bristles-Down in an empty (or Monomer-filled) KB Brush Cup, so that bristles are not touching any surfaces. REMEMBER: Acetone and Monomer cannot hurt Authentic Kolinsky Acrylic Bristles unless they have been misshapen by improper soaking positions or cut by any tool. NEVER CUT YOUR BRUSH, it will die.

 Your Brush will last years with Proper Brush Care and Maintenance!