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**Please note: Deposits are nonrefundable. A deposit is used to secure the specific date/time scheduled and cannot be used towards a new, rescheduled, or postponed appointment. If in the event the client is 10min late, cancels, no-shows and/or reschedules, the Deposit will be forfeited. 


A nonrefundable deposit of $25 is required to secure an appointment.


The nonrefundable deposit will be forfeited if the client reschedules the agreed appointment day, cancels the agreed appointment date, or is 10min tardy to the agreed appointment time.


Clients who are 10min tardy will not be seen and must reschedule for another date, which will require a $25 nonrefundable deposit.


If in the instance the nail artist has to cancel, reschedule, or is 10min tardy, the full $25 will be refunded to the client immediately.


Deposits may only be paid through through PayPal Secured Payments, which protects the funds of both the client and the technician.


By paying a $25 nonrefundable deposit, you are agreeing that you have read all terms and conditions regarding our deposit policy and will allow the recording of any/all parts of your nail session for content and insurance purposes.


Once Deposit is paid, please screenshot your order number to within 1hr to confirm your appointment date/time. The Studio address and directions will be sent to the profile used to book the appointment. Please allow up to 6hr response time.


Contact for more information.