MS Pro Acrylic Brush RESTOCK
MS Pro Acrylic Brush RESTOCK
MS Pro Acrylic Brush RESTOCK
MS Pro Acrylic Brush RESTOCK

MS Pro Acrylic Brush RESTOCK

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Our BEST SELLING MS(Pro) Acrylic Brush is Back! ONE LAST TIME!!!

Be NEXT to get your hands on the highly anticipated Sea Tonez MS-Pro Acrylic Brush!

Made from 100% Kolinsky Fiber, you’ll be able to apply your acrylic smoothly and effortlessly. Using the MS-Pro will speed up application and help you get that smooth finish that cuts down your filing time.

The long-lasting and durable MS-Pro is perfectly designed for ALL nail techs and comes in 3 sizes:


MS14 Deluxe - perfect for the nail tech that wants to pick up a consistent bead every time. Small enough to suit the beginner nail tech, yet large enough to finish a full set in a timely fashion. The MS14 Deluxe is ideal for nail techs who are:

  • Actively and consistently practicing acrylic application and completing full sets
  • Beginners and/or Student Techs
  • Newbies who are ready to begin taking clients
  • Seasoned techs who need a new go-to brush

(No experience necessary)


MS16 Elite - perfect for the nail tech who has a higher volume of daily clients. This is the brush that nail techs graduate to when they are comfortable with acrylic application and ready to speed up their timing or pick up bigger beads to complete long sets or practice the One-Ball Method. This versatile brush should be on EVERY nail tech’s wishlist.

The MS16 Elite is ideal for nail techs who are:

  • Comfortable and Familiar with Acrylic Ratios, Consistency, and proper Application
  • Looking to increase application speed
  • Interested or Efficient in the One Bead Method
  • Seasoned techs looking to replace their classic brush

(Experience Necessary; Bigger Brushes mean bigger beads)


MS17 Master - this Brush lives up to its name, there’s nothing you can’t do with a brush this versatile, sturdy, and full in body. This brush is for nail techs who’ve MASTERED their craft and take pride in their perfect application skills. Fuller than a standard size 16, but not quite as large as a standard size 18, the MS17 picks up The perfect amount of product to create a flawless bead of acrylic.

The MS17 Master is ideal for nail techs who:

  • Have Perfected acrylic application
  • Often have clients with long to extra long nails
  • Have Mastered Speed
  • Use the One Bead Method
  • are ready to upgrade brushes
  • Enjoy brush thickness and longevity

(Experience Necessary)