Glow Hoe Super Collection

Sea Tonez

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This one’s for all my GLOW HOES! If you and your clients can’t get enough of GLOW Nails, this is the Collection for YOU! Each Glow Color comes in a 45g Container, which means over an ounce of each WHITE that you can mix into other Sea Tonez colors to create your very own Glows OR use it straight out of the packaging for sexy, sleek white nails that GLOW in the color of your choice!

 All 4 Powders are White in the light but glow different colors in the Dark!

- glows PINK

-Frozen Beach glows TURQUOISE

-Kanye glow RED

-Beach Party glows WHITE

 Larger Sizes mean MORE Glow Sets = MORE Money! This is the perfect investment for Nail Techs of ALL Experience Levels, your clients will THANK YOU!